Our Process


We will come to your location and collect all pertinent information needed to begin our detailed analysis of your waste and recycling expenses.  



Next, we will compile a detailed report that outlines every cost component of your waste expenses.  Using proprietary information and tapping into our knowledge base, we begin to analyze these expenses with the goal being twofold: to reduce costs and to increase efficiency.  



Our detailed analysis will result in specific recommendations.  Every savings opportunity that we identify is based on quantifiable numbers.   



With our recommendations in hand, we will meet with you to present our findings.  Every recommendation will be diligently explained.  We are going to bring you recommendations that yield a positive financial impact.  They must work within the confines of the operational procedures that you already have in place.



Once you have reviewed our recommendations and any questions have been addressed, we will implement the recommendations. You must approve of the recommendations before they are implemented.  


Monitor and Cost Containment

Every month moving forward, we will monitor your savings.  If errors are present or the pricing is inaccurate, we will notify the waste vendor and correct the situation immediately.  Not only will you be saving money every month, but you can be assured that you have a professional reviewing these costs for accuracy every month.