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Waste Consultants specializes in substantially reducing waste disposal and recycling costs for its clients on a risk free, results oriented basis.  We service companies nationwide by reducing waste and recycling disposal costs via proven methods with extremely consistent results.  By utilizing our services, companies are able to focus on their core business and off-load this burdensome, cryptic, and time consuming task to us.
And the best part is our clients only pay us when we produce results.  

We are not haulers.  We do not pick up waste.  We do not own trucks.  We are independent.

Our only profit objective is to help our clients reduce their waste expenses and increase their service efficiency.  There is no charge for WCI’s analysis and recommendations.  

WCI is compensated only when we produce a direct refund, credit or savings in your waste and recycling services.

Top 3 reasons to hire Waste Consultants

We are only paid when we produce quantifiable cost reductions to our clients.

There is not much time or
effort required to engage
our services.

We're easy to work with.
We call people back.
We respond to our emails.