"Now that we are a few months or so into implementing your recommendations for reducing our waste and recycling expenses, I thought I'd write you a quick note about my experience with your company. I am happy to report that we are realizing some nice cost reductions as a result of your recommendations, but I'm equally as pleased with the level of customer service that you have provided to Beacon."

Patrick Theismann
Vice President
Beacon Management Corp

"As a multi-family management company with over 4,500 units in 9 states, it was a constant challenge to manage our waste expenses before Waste Consultants came along. The recommendations you implemented resulted in these expenses being reduced by 25%. Besides the savings, I appreciate the excellent communication you and your staff have given us and the fact that you are monitoring our bills each month."

Scott Alderman
Landura Management Associates

"I’m writing to thank you for the work you’ve done in reviewing our 3 facilities’ waste and recycling expenses. Not only were you able to help us lower our costs, but you also identified a billing error at one of our locations that resulted in a refund. I would highly recommend your service."

Rhonda Cummons
Presbyterian Homes, Inc.

"With over 30 multi-family properties, managing waste and recycling expenses is difficult to say the least. I was pleasantly surprised that you were able to reduce these costs by over 20%. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other multi-family owners or managers."

Kevin Phillips
Phillips Management

"I would like to express my appreciation to you for the work that you have performed for our convenience stores.

Within a couple of months after engaging WCI, I witnessed a substantial reduction in our waste disposal costs. We are currently saving 29% on our monthly waste expenses due to your efforts. I now see that with over 20 stores, it would be impossible for me to perform the services that you perform with the same amount of efficiency.

In our industry especially, substantial savings opportunities are hard to come by, but yours is a real winner. It seems to me that any company, in any industry, would be hard-pressed to find a more valid and potentially substantial savings opportunity."

Paul Bova
Mid-State Petroleum C-Stores

"As you know, I was surprised that you were able to reduce my waste expenses by over 30%. That is real money that I can now apply to other budget items. The process was smooth and I was kept informed throughout the entire implementation of your recommendations."

Vic Beroth
Beroth Oil Company and 4 Brothers Food Stores

"I am writing to thank you for all the work you have done for our company. On the very first building you looked at you were able to save Albert Hall over 30% on our monthly costs. We had never even thought to look at these expenses”

Sherrie Gorji
Viking Properties

"Thank you for your help in reducing our solid waste removal fees. Through your understanding and commitment, we were pleasantly surprised with a proposal reducing these fees by almost 50%.”

Sam Davis
The Hawthorne and Conference Center

"Thanks to your recommendation, our waste and recycling costs have been reduced by OVER 70%. In this economy, every dollar saved is a dollar back to our bottom-line. Then thing I like best about your service is that we only pay you out of the actual savings achieved. Further, the changes you recommended are going to have long-term value; they aren't just short term fixes."

Garret Graven
Global Textile Alliance

"I wanted to write you a quick note and personally thank you for a job well done. We have been extremely pleased with the savings we have realized as a result of Waste Consultants’ efforts.

Two things I especially liked:

1. How hands on you were, really digging in to invoices and specific practices.

2. How you stay a part of this until every single nickel of savings is realized."

Ken Sobaski
America's Thrift Stores

"We provided you with our portfolio and you were able to reduce our waste disposal expenses by over 25% as a direct result of your knowledge, industry contracts and tireless efforts. Having realized the savings WC achieved, it has become apparent that we would not have been able to attain the same results through our own efforts."

Rik Maxey
Vice President
Community Management Corp

"I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone. We had zero capital exposure and very limited time invested with your company. When you couple that with the significant savings we were able to achieve, it makes the decision to hire Waste Consultants seem like a no-brainer."

Chris Sprenger
SanStone Health and Rehabilitation Centers

"Your services have provided me with financial gain and peace of mind in knowing that my company is now managing these expenses as efficiently as possible. I highly recommend your services to any company!"

Angela Fleming
Miami North Office Building

"Thanks again for all your help with our waste and recycling expenses. I am impressed with the value of your service. Waste Consultants uncovered money that we never knew existed. I have also been very pleased with the level of communication from your company. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to other QSR/Fast Food operations, in particular, but to other industries, as well."

DJ Britt
DEB Foods and Britt Enterprises (McDonald's Franchisee)

"I had never heard of anyone offering to reduce solid waste expenses, so I was skeptical that you would find any savings. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. With over 40 convenience stores, WCI found some serious savings for Beasley. This is found money; we weren’t aware of the overcharges and inefficiencies that were occurring."

Adam Coleman
Beasley Enterprises, dba Red Apple Markets

"We are a relatively small operator, so I was sure that I had the best deal going on my waste disposal fees. However, you were able to help us realize a nice savings on those costs. I really appreciate your help. Looking back on the decision to hire you, it really was a simple one. We assumed no risk, had no money out of pocket, and you didn’t require much of my time."

Doug Pugh
Pugh Oil Co. / Tank N' Tummy

"When you came back to me with $6,800 per month in savings, as well as significant refunds from over billing, I was truly impressed and grateful.”

Tad Dolbier
Tar Heel Capital, dba Wendy's Restaurants

"I want to thank you for the great job Waste Consultants has done for Southern Foods. Not only did you save us money (about $1,500 per month), but you also monitored and audited our monthly invoices ensuring their accuracy.

Vic Nussbaum
Southern Foods